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Weddings and Retreats

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live our


Muvieri was desing to welcome all kind of celebrations and events, from intimate propousals, elopement wedding and more.

Our paradise its an open space surrounded by palms trees and and exotic jungle, and the delicious sound of the birds and waves in a tropial rithm will be an special upgrade on your special day.

The garden has an spectacular ocean view and our 15 rooms offer peace and pleasure for you and your guests.

Also we have a delicious banquet service serve with the best local produced products, and a wide offer of dirás and menu, we also offer a wedding planner services.

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Delight your senses


Our terraces and spaces where tought to be in contact with the nature and make ir the perfect place to relax, dissconnect and reconnect with your body and soul, inhale and enjoy all the kindness of the ocean breese, let us guide you in to the reconnection path.

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